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Related post: Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 02:39:34 EDT From: Subject: PurdyAttention: This is the usual disclaimer mega lolita portal free about minor boys having sex...I make absolutely no apologies, as this is a tender- sweet, coming of age type story. If you're not a gay male then you probably won't like it, but if you lolita hot young brunette are the privileged ten percent-enjoy! This story was inspired in part and dedicated to Todd.****************************************************************************** *************PurdyIt was always a hassle in the morning after breakfast, to get some kind of crew together from boys going in all different directions, there at the Camp L. lodge. Purdy had gone with some other boys and me on X boats before, but not on a underage lolitas teen porn C Scow. The sailing director knew my skill level and there was no problem little lolita s models with me sailing any of the boats. The E scows were a bit more work and required a crew of some sort, but I could take out a C with just sun lolita bbs elweb another boy. We picked up our sail bag for the Checkered Lady from the lodge and headed down to the dock, making sure the battens were included.Purdy was a little smaller than I was, but thinly muscular and very well defined. Not a classic beauty I guess, but he had darker complexion and the most ridiculous crew-cut hair that I'd ever pre lolita non nudes seen. Still, we were exactly the same age and he had the most beautiful brown eyes and fat, pouting thirteen year-old lips I'd ever seen. And he had decided that teenie lolitas up skirt my dick was really cool (just further along than most) and had asked to prelolitas free non nude kiss it in the cabin, after a fairly raunchy session that had included some other boys. He had lain in bed with me, admired my cock and then politely asked if he could kiss it. (Imagine my surprise at being asked!) I willingly fondled his cock in return but unfortunately, it was basically a little boy's cock, but rock hard none the less.I was starting to be bound to naked preteen lolita pics Purdy by some inexplicable type of glue. He was the only boy that had really wanted to pal around with me 'cause he just liked me for all my weirdness. Some boys at the camp liked to go around without a lot of clothes russian lolita nude xxx on and Purdy was lolita pic free download definitely that type, bbs cp girls lolita which gave me constant cause 12yo preteen lola collection to stare at his body. His body and mine were becoming close companions (by proxy) and even though I sometimes jumped at his touch, I relished the moments in time that we brushed dark loli pedo galleries briefly together."Did lolita net free sample you see the wind on the lake this lola child nude models morning?" I asked."Yeah, it looks like we'll do all right out there today" Purdy said, knowingly."Are you going for your Skipper badge?" Purdy asked."I don't think so, 'cause I'm going for the Beaver badge instead and I won't have the time.''"You're going for Beaver? lolitas bbs fashion links Wow, that's cool!""Yeah, it's a lot of extra work and lol toplist young model it keeps me away from all lolitas nude gall free the sailing I want to do but still--"The truth of alizee moi lolita video the matter underground young sexy lolitas was that loliteens 10 y o I wanted acceptance and getting the Beaver badge was a really big deal and took a lot of dedicated sacrifice, because it was an "all-around" type award."Are you sure we got the right sail bag this time?" he said impatiently."Look Purdy, you've never been sailing with me and had that kind of fuck-up, have you?""Well that asshole Neal did pre chill loli angel everything wrong and nearly tipped the boat over the last time.""Yeah but did you notice who he gave the mainsheet to when the squall started?" I asked triumphantly."Yeah, you sure saved our ass forbidden pre teen lolita that afternoon I guess.""Fucking A, I may not place very well in the regattas but I know how to handle a boat in heavy wind."The dock was pitching some with the waves as we got into the launch with all the other boys going to their respective boats. That launch was the most abused motorboat in the world, as the counselors amat ped loli xx hated its slow speed capabilities and tortured it daily. nudist beach lolita tgp We were free nude art lolita choking from the oil/gas fumes as we boarded the Checkered Lady. We found her in reasonably good shape with the sheets coiled back up in proper rolls. I playfully threw the sail bag at Purdy and he caught it like a wide receiver. We lolita hardcore top 100 pulled the nude young girl lolita sail completely out its bag with the battens and started underage teens lolita cute the long process of threading the foot of the sail into the boom track. Threading the sail up the mast was a little trickier because all the battens had to be put into their respective pockets at the same time. Purdy hoisted the mainsail to the top while I made sure we stayed in irons. I gave the order to unclip the painter, which he did rapidly showing off his bubble butt with flexing thighs. Forcing the mainsail away and to leeward, the boat's bow swung around for me and we watched the wind fill the sail. The Lady took off like a shot, as scows little lolita love galleries do on a windy lolita teen sex porn day, and we were under way. I went into a reach and headed for the girls camp because as boys, that's what we were supposed to loli dorki top 50 do. Purdy shifted and took off his shorts exposing his red Speedo bulge."Where are we going?""To the girls camp," I said absently, eyeing his near naked body."What are you staring preteen chill lolitas vids at?""You," I said.With that he shifted his body so that we were sitting side by side lolitas bbs 7yo nude in the warm 8 yo lolicon dark sunlight. He was different teenager soft erotic lolita with me than he was the other kids. I didn't have to nn lolita girlie models brag, swagger or swear preteen lolita naked posing to impress him. He genuinely seemed interested in just me, a first at this place I thought. He had a little less body hair than me and thai lolita 16 yo when we touched legs together, the world seem to slip away with a sudden rush of excitement stirring in my loins. He tiny russian lolas xxx smiled at me with perfect teeth and it didn't seem to bother him that I had braces, so I returned the smile."Why do you want to go to the girl's camp, aren't I enough for you? I teen lola top 100 can be your whore.""I don't want a whore and I'm not crazy about girls sometimes," I board cgi image loli stammered, confused at his ridiculous comment."I'm not talking about girls, I'm talking about us.""What the hell are you saying Purdy?""I'm saying that I think your cock is beautiful.""Well, what about the rest of me?" I said, slipping loli top 100 models into unknown territory."I already told you in the cabin I thought you were good looking.""Yeah, well it's lolita young fun dolls not like I'm told that all the time and I wasn't exactly nominated for the best looking boy in the cabin.""Scott and I nominated you. Piss on the rest of them anyway."I looked into his brown, sexy preteen lola model doe eyes at underage models bbs lolita that point, to see if this was a real conversation or just my imagination kicking in again. The sail luffed from negligence, so I pulled in the mainsheet a ways and pulled the tiller in to adjust for a broad nudist lolita preteen jpg reach. Purdy laid his head on my shoulder and closed his eyes and I could have watched his pretend-sleep face for hours. Opening his eyes he smiled, kissed my neck, and then my incest images preteen lolitas cheek."Aren't you afraid some of the other boys will see us out here, that are not from our cabin and start talking?" I blurted out."They already talk anyway, and I don't care," Purdy el portal de lolitas added mysteriously.What confidence he had in addition to the lolita legal nude pics beauty I was just now realizing he possessed. I bent over a little bit to kiss his cheek and anticipating my move, he fkk lolita 12 yo locked lips with mine. I could feel and taste the warm sweetness of his breath as he immediately opened his mouth. I was being French kissed for the first time and tried to follow his lead. It wasn't hard as an instinctive passion welled up inside my chest and soon we were swapping tongues. The warm sun shone down through the light breeze to reveal two boys in a passionate kiss. I boy lolitas cp top never cccp top 50 lolitas wanted to stop that kiss, but there came a time when we both pulled our lips apart."Have you ever kissed a pre teen loli bbs girl like that before?" Purdy exclaimed after we caught pussy young lolitas pics our lolita sex pics stories breath."Shit man, I never kissed anybody like that before!""This sucks!""Why?" I said, crushed that I had done something 14 yo nymphs lolita wrong in the kiss."'Cause I want to have your arms around me and stuff!"What was he board3 cgiworld com lolita saying?? Am I hearing things right?? The lolita love pre teen blood was pumping so hard in my head that I thought I would pass out. Nobody had ever talked to me like this and I seemed to be beam great lolita bbs doing first after first, with this boy. The Lady caught a cat's pre bbs lolita elweb paw and pitched to leeward."Shit, Prudy, I can clamp us in irons pay lolitas no nude and you can lower the sail and let us drift I guess. But then they'll think we're having problems and send the launch out after us.""Ok, then how about this? We tack way over to the other side of the lake, away from the girl's camp where nobody goes," he pleaded.Well little lolita free photos that seemed like a novel idea and something told me that in doing so, I would release some of the mounting pressure and tension in my chest. It took us about a half-hour to tack over to the other side. I clamped us in irons and Purdy ran down the mainsail. The wind had bbs ill loli pre died some as it does around midday and all we could hear were a few waves now and then, lapping up against the sides of the boat. I stood up in the cockpit to check that everything was secured and Purdy stood before me smiling and wrapped lolita top 100 biz his arms around me. We just stood there embracing, feeling the hardness of our dicks pressing and begging for release. Seconds ran by like hours and we again started to kiss, but unlike the other time while skippering the boat, I could now give him my undivided attention.This kiss was even more intense, as I could start to feel the pressure build up inside my balls. Purdy must have felt my dick throbbing because he hot preeteen nude loli broke our kiss and ran his hands down to my pre teen amateur lolita shorts and unzipped the fly. My briefs were soaked from precum and embarrassed me some, but he looked girls i love lolicon into my eyes and smiled. Next thing I knew he hooked his thumbs into my briefs on either side of my hip and slowly pulled my clothes down to hot lolita sexy gallery my ankles. My cock now freed, slapped him in the face as he knelt down and it was dripping precum shamelessly. He just smiled lolita boys naked org as if to tell me that he thought things couldn't be better. All inhibitions faded away as he kissed the entire length of my cock on one side, then switched to other side. I can remember hearing no sounds but wet kisses and gentle moans from the both of us. My knees began to buckle and I needed to sit down."What's wrong?" He questioned."Nothing's wrong, I just feel like I'm going to ls magazine young lolitas pass out.""Does it feel that good?" He asked."Come here." nude lolita of russia I said, as I began to sit bare tiny angels net lolita bottomed on the starboard deck.Purdy posed with his finger in his mouth like some kind of silly, shy creature. I pulled him towards me and easily pulled down his Speedo, while watching his small penis bob lolita pics ls models up and down. I took my time and kissed his velvety balls and then decided to see what little russian lolis nude his dick tasted like. I'd heard of blowjobs of course, but there seemed to be some confusion among us boys as to how it was done exactly. I could tell I was pleasuring Purdy and experimented with what seemed to lolitas pussy 14 years please him the most. He ran his hands over my lolita young best art hair, neck and the back of my shoulders while cooing lolita 5 15 bbs some unintelligible language. The taste was fresh with boy sweat and his dick had a taste all together different then that of his balls and I loved it all, feeling very greedy with this newly found pleasure. All of a sudden he sank to his knees and knowing little about this process I followed, not releasing his cock from my mouth. I could feel his dick jerking inside my mouth and his butt cheeks tensing within my hands. Glancing up I could see his eyes flutter and suddenly I could feel his whole body go limp. He no nude lolitas gallery pushed my mouth away from lolita bbs message boards his cock and with strength I didn't know he had, lifted me on top of him as we lay down on the cockpit flooring."Are you OK?" russian shock hardcore lolita I asked."Better than OK. I think I love you, Kevin. Did I cum in your mouth?""I don't think so. It all loli model top list happened so fast, did you feel something come out?""It felt like my dick was on fire and your lips put it out."We hugged each other and I looked into his face as we kissed. If this was love than I didn't care about girls, camp, or anything else for that matter, except this boy. He smiled. Hell, he was always smiling as I'd elite nymphets model lola never met a happier soul in my short life. So content he was with himself: so self-assured."Do you think free lolita videos teens my dick will get as big as yours?" he asked."Sure it will, I don't see why not," I assured him."Can I kiss your dick again?" he said teasingly.I answered by rolling over on my back and nude lolita 6 13 Purdy struggled to get comfortable with underage preteen russian lolita this new position. He followed my old lead and started kissing my balls and I knew I'd be over the edge soon but couldn't find the words to say anything. Then he got the idea lolas getting fucked hard to suck each of them separately, savoring each nut as if this would be his last lola tgp virtual young chance to do so. When he finally decided to move to the shaft, I just closed my eyes lolitas and nymphets rapidshare and tried loli pics lolita bbs to hold back the inevitable. Using his tongue he circled the head of preeteen sex lola members my penis and suddenly plunged down the shaft with his warm mouth. He gagged audibly and came back up for air. He smiled and replaced his mouth with his hand. He then watched me carefully for cues as what to do next. I don't think lolitamodels galleries movies videos he could have done anything wrong at that point and I was content with ukraine sexy lolita pictures just the hand job if that's what he wanted to do.As the tension built I began to arch my back and close my eyes. All of a sudden I felt the warm moistness return russian loli lolita pussy as his mouth went down on my shaft again. I yelled something and began to thrust and he kept going up and down on my cock with his soft, tender mouth. I ran my hand through his hair stubble and lost hold of lolita angel nude gallery anything but the sensation of cuming -- like hot oil being poured young lolita girls masturbating onto white cotton. Eventually after six or seven squirts of spooge, I could stand it no more as the extreme pleasure had now turned to unpleasantness and I grabbed him by his armpits, pulling him up into an embrace."I love you, Purdy.""I love you, Kevin."The waves lapped at the boat to remind us of where we were, and I could now hear for the first time, other activity on the lake. It underag lolitas naked pics took forever to get back to the camp dock and we had a lot of explaining to do, but the secret we held within our breasts was ours alone.****************************************************************************** *************This story is partly true, as the stuff mentioned in the cabin russian lols nude cp really did happen. Purdy adored me, but I was pursuing preteen lolita galleries a classic beauty named Scott and I was a total jerk. For that I am sorry, Purdy. If you should ever stumble across this story, think of it as something sweet that could have been. Feel free to write me about the story. No flames or insults will be read or answered.
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